LFTD Spirits are tea based cocktails steeped with organic fruits, blended with premium distilled gluten free liquors and sweetened with natural fruit juices - the perfect healthier cocktail-to-go.

White Peach Tea Sangria (5.7%)

Herbal fusion tea infused with white peaches, Riesling, gluten free Vodka, pear juice and a splash of grapefruit sweetened with rock beet sugar.



Strawberry Tea Sangria (6.6%)

A blend of green tea steeped with strawberries and citrus fruits, sweet Cabernet Sauvignon, Cognac, and orange juice.



Tropical Green Moji-Tea (6.6%)

Blackberry infused Green Tea blended with Pineapple Coconut Rum and Dark Rum, fresh squeezed lime and garnished with mint leaves sweetened with Blue Agave.



Red Citrus Punch (11.0%)

Pineapple Orange herbal tea mixed with Cognac, orange liqueur, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and a splash of lemon juice. Sweetened with Blue Agave.



Mandarin Mango Tea (10.0%)

Orange blended herbal tea mixes with Dark Rum, mango juice, orange juice and organic unsweetened apple cider.



Honey Mango Green Tea (12.2%)

Loose leaf Green Tea - steeped with sliced mango, mixed with Cognac, Spiced rum, a dash of orange juice and sweetened with honey.



Black Peach Tea (12.4%)

Black Tea leaves steeped with yellow peaches blended with Cognac, Dark Rum and cranberry juice sweetened with rock beet sugar.



***Rum Tea Punch*** (popular choice) (13%)

Herbal tea blend of pineapple coconut and hint of vanilla, a mix of Overproof, Spiced and Coconut Rums finished with mango, orange and cranberry juices sweetened with rock beet sugar.



Blueberry Long Island Ice Tea (13.1%)

Herbal Blueberry Tea blend steeped with blueberries mixed with gluten free Vodka and Gin, Tequila, Light Rum and Orange Liqueur finished with fresh squeezed lime juice, pear juice and grape juice and sweetened with Blue Agave.