Our Story

Don't we all miss the days when we can eat, drink and indulge in almost anything under the sun without a care in the world?

Unfortunately, this all ended for me and my friends in our late twenties.  We suddenly had to be conscience about every calorie that went into our bodies, research the meaning of 18 letter words in the ingredients section and avoid any $2 happy hour specials for which stomach demons hid inside your cup.  Instead, we sought out high end restaurants or bars with quality drinks, but with a higher price tag there won't be many outings.

Being health conscience is very annoying but necessary, however it should not halt our social lives.  Luckily I had the skill of mixology since graduating college and have practiced my craft with drinks of my own.  My sister and dear friend being tea connoisseurs, taught me the important benefits of tea and how to enjoy it's great taste without the need of high-fructose corn syrup and other unnatural sugars other drinks carry.  And voila! We were on to something...

Our devotion to quality, taste and creativity crafted an alcoholic beverage unlike any other. This unique blend of loose-leaf tea, fresh fruit, certified organic fruit juices, natural sweeteners and premium liquor gave birth to the drink of the future. LFTD Spirits bridges the gap between healthy living and living it up.